Sun Valley, Idaho is tucked far away from the madding crowd. The area was known back in the mid-30’s and thereafter as a playground and resting place for the rich and famous. It opened in 1936. Celebrities such as Ingrid Bergman, Clark Gable and Errol Flynn quickly adopted Sun Valley as their winter playground. Arthur Godfrey, would broadcast from there. Years later, the locale's ideal ski conditions, art galleries and five-star restaurants still resonate with notable homeowners, including Arnold Schwarznegger, Bruce Willis, Steve Wynn, Theresa Heinz Kerry, Jann Wenner (Rolling Stones founder) and billionaire businessman and speculator George Soros, who has a ski chalet in adjacent Ketchum, pictured above. Just 5 minutes from town is an expansive wilderness. Celebrities are spotted in town, but residents just smile and keep going, affording a sense of some anonymity. The area features a laid-back atmosphere and easygoing neighbors. A good recipe for relaxation and privacy.

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