There are five upscale homes in Regent Park, with 1959 Regency-style homes just south of Mar-a-Lago Club and seven Parc Monceau homes about 1.5 miles south of Regent Park, all by Clarence Mack who resided in Regent Park. Located at 400 Regents Park, the lakefront 6-bedroom, 7 bath property is for sale for $12.3MM and includes a dock and about 118’ on the intracoastal waterway.  For $24,000/month you can rent the 4 bedroom, 7 bath home at 500 Regent Park, which features 12’ ceilings, crown moldings, a long private circular drive and expansive pool deck.

The Landmarks Preservation commission has just approved a plan to add a lantern and bronze plaque to the front of each of the two 12’ columns at the entrance to Regent Park, repave the long driveway and beautify the large oval median, shrinking it so that trucks do not crush its landscaping.  Column height is restricted to 8’ in today’s building code, and these higher columns were built before this regulation was enacted. 

The Commission is also considering designating Regent Park and the Parc Monceau neighborhoods as historic districts, and it is the Landmarks Commission, therefore, rather than the Architectural Commission who are reviewing changes.  According to Spokeo, the average property value in Parc Monceau is $4.9MM, average owners income is $209,000.  The Parc Monceau group want to demolish an area, and unless a property is landmarked, demolition requests cannot be denied.  The Architectural Commission approved demolition last September of demolition of this area in Park Monceau.

Median improvements in Regent Park include adding a Belgian block raised curb around it and green island ficus shrubs and tree-sized bougainvillea, lining the north and south sides of the median.  Regent Park is a public street, but the homeowners are paying for the improvements and will pay for ongoing maintenance.




On the National Register of Historic Places, Grandview Heights in West Palm Beach, established in 1910, includes twelve homes in Craftsman, Florida Bungalow, Spanish Mission, Dutch Colonial Revival, Art Deco and Mediterranean Revival-style homes to view.  Their Annual Grandview Historic Home Tour will be held Sunday, March 29th from 3-7 pm.  Tours began in 1995.  There are 13 Historic Districts in West Palm Beach.

Connect with early Florida lifestyles and view historical Florida art as early as 1890 at Grandview Gardens Bed & Breakfast.  Paintings are by Highwaymen, the itinerant African-American artists whose work reflects Florida pastoral scenes. 

A block party is included with entertainment by Lotsa Papas and food, a plated meal, from the restaurant Aioli.  Meet and mingle with creative homeowners.
Grandview Heights is located between Parker Avenue and the FEC railroad tracks, just south of Okeechobee Blvd.  Boundaries are Park Place, Alabama Avenue, M Street and Lake Avenue.  Residents with 2-story homes can see the Atlantic Ocean over the island of Palm Beach from 2nd story windows.  Hence, the area name evolved, Grandview Heights.  This is a successful urban neighborhood with great diversity. 
For further information call 561-877-1221.  Tour Admission is $35 with volume and early bird discounts.  A souvenir booklet with a self-guided walking tour and map will be provided.




IMAGINE… a neighborhood that is family oriented, with safe streets and no through traffic, with flocks of green parrots nesting in the trees in an “Old Florida World” setting.  Such is the case in Lake Worth’s historic Parrot Cove.  The area borders on Lucerne Avenue on the south, a golf course on the east, the south side of 13th Avenue on the north and the east side of Federal on the west.  The single family homes date from the 1920’s heydays but the majority of residences were built during the 1950’s and 1960’s.  There is an eclectic mix of colorful homes, inns, and churches. The neighbohood is pet friendly.  Landscaping is lush and blooming.   Virtual tour.  On March 15th, come, attend and enjoy.

A non-profit neighborhood association was formed in April 2000 to provide information to the 600 homes in the neighborhood, on a wide range of issues and to meet neighbors.  General meetings are held at least six times a year.  Cost annually is $10 for an individual and $20 for a family.  Social Membership is available to those who do not live within the boundaries of Parrot Cove. The “Parrot in the Hood” parties for Association members are held in resident’s homes and block parties and private tours are also held.  There is a published newsletter, 6 times a year, delivered to residents’ doorsteps.
Every other year a major fundraiser is held with a Home and Garden tour, when residents’ open their homes to visitors.  This year’s tour will be held on Sunday, March 15, with visits to 9 homes, 3 gardens, 2 inns, a golf course clubhouse and 2 churches.  Purchased in advance at parrotcove.org and several local stores and inns, tickets are $25.  If purchased after noon on March 13, tickets are $30.  Tour is held from 2 to 6 pm and starts at Believers’ Victory Church, 918 N. Lakeside Drive.  Check-in will open at 1:30 pm.  The money raised is used to improve the community and to give to local charities.  In spite of morning rain, in 2012 there were 420 participants.

Residents can walk to shops, restaurants and pubs, library, movie theatre, playhouse, post office, city hall, grocery stores, pharmacies, a municipal golf course on the water and ocean public access beach.