There are five upscale homes in Regent Park, with 1959 Regency-style homes just south of Mar-a-Lago Club and seven Parc Monceau homes about 1.5 miles south of Regent Park, all by Clarence Mack who resided in Regent Park. Located at 400 Regents Park, the lakefront 6-bedroom, 7 bath property is for sale for $12.3MM and includes a dock and about 118’ on the intracoastal waterway.  For $24,000/month you can rent the 4 bedroom, 7 bath home at 500 Regent Park, which features 12’ ceilings, crown moldings, a long private circular drive and expansive pool deck.

The Landmarks Preservation commission has just approved a plan to add a lantern and bronze plaque to the front of each of the two 12’ columns at the entrance to Regent Park, repave the long driveway and beautify the large oval median, shrinking it so that trucks do not crush its landscaping.  Column height is restricted to 8’ in today’s building code, and these higher columns were built before this regulation was enacted. 

The Commission is also considering designating Regent Park and the Parc Monceau neighborhoods as historic districts, and it is the Landmarks Commission, therefore, rather than the Architectural Commission who are reviewing changes.  According to Spokeo, the average property value in Parc Monceau is $4.9MM, average owners income is $209,000.  The Parc Monceau group want to demolish an area, and unless a property is landmarked, demolition requests cannot be denied.  The Architectural Commission approved demolition last September of demolition of this area in Park Monceau.

Median improvements in Regent Park include adding a Belgian block raised curb around it and green island ficus shrubs and tree-sized bougainvillea, lining the north and south sides of the median.  Regent Park is a public street, but the homeowners are paying for the improvements and will pay for ongoing maintenance.


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