Preservation Foundation of Palm Beach offers a special one-night only summer film festival of short movies.


These movies will be shown starting at 6 pm on Monday, July 5th.  They are dedicated to architecture, design, preservation and town planning and before the movies start, President Alexander Ives will introduce them and link the films with the causes and work of the Preservation Foundation. 

Twelve films will be presented during 2 hours.  Included are

  • films about future influences for architecture
  • architecture of Portugal
  • Miami’s 1111 parking garage changing people’s perception about what a utilitarian structure can be
  • Architect Renzo Piano’s designs for the Whitney Museum’s new home-just now open to the public
  • the ruins of New York City
  • efforts to save Yangon, capital city of Myanmar, from crumbling and being demolished
  • time lapse shots of 2 years of Shanghai construction
  • raising awareness of Modernism Architecture in Japan
  • saving the 1880’s Holland House in Chesapeake Bay
  • the destruction and changes to the Gran Casino Kursaal in San Sebastian, Spain.
    Refreshments will be provided.  Location is 311 Peruvian Avenue in Palm Beach, 2nd floor Rosenthal Lecture Room.  Showing is FREE but only reserved seating is available.  Call 561-832-0731, ext 111, to reserve.  No admission after program begins.
    Over 30 years, the Preservation Foundation of Palm Beach has given millions of dollars for the preservation and restoration of historic properties; worked advocating for over 290 landmarked properties; recognized numerous architects, owners and properties with awards; educated hundreds of thousands of children about the architectural, cultural and environmental legacy of Palm Beach; and saved thousands of archival documents in its library, among many other accomplishments.
    Come join us and watch history unfold amidst these buildings.

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