The similarity of the cobblestone street with row houses to the Philadelphia posting below was in an article containing interesting information about Boston, 7th most expensive city to live in, in the USA.

Population: 636,479; Cost of LIving: 39.7% above US average
Median household income: $53,136; median home value: $374,700

Offering a healthy local job market, big-city benefits, renowned universities, art collections and historic sites might make Boston worth the high costs of living there.  Research found over 6500 job postings per 10,000 people in the area; overall for US has been 470 job postings per 10,000 people.

Home values and housing expenses as well as most affordable housing combine to make Boston quite desirable as a place to reside.  Groceries are about 25% above the national average and healthcare costs over 26% , utilities over 44% higher.  Median household income is similar to national level.

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