UPSIDE DOWN HOUSE: Szymbark, Poland is the location for this two-story home, perfect for sailors, ship captains and other folks with a solid set of sea legs.  Limitless floor space with ceiling-mounted furniture and appliances.

POD HOUSE: Egg shaped, fully solar powered home in Beijing is perfect for the frugal individual under 6' tall.  Save 100% on your energy bill and your mortgage.  Close proximity to parking.

MUSHROOM HOUSE: Are you an environmentalist, a Smurf fan or fungi-lover?  Here is a one bedroom bungalow in Ohio with eye-catching additions composed of wood, colored glass, seashells and other organic materials.  This home makes an earth-friendly statement.  You could build one in the back yard for the kids to play in, and be environmentally correct.

TUMBLEWEED HOUSE: Do you like to move around from place to place easily?  This home will go anywhere there is an accessible road, providing all the comforts of home without geographic restrictions or foundation to worry about.  Perfect for traveling salespeople, oft-visiting mothers-in-law and nature lovers.

FOAM HOUSE: 1970'S chic, this polyurethane home is perfect for aspiring cave dwellers.  In rural Minnesota, its lack of right angles is perfect for admirers of the work of Antonio Gaudi in Barcelona. Square footage is hard to calculate in this curvilinear, two bedroom, three bath house.

FUTURO FLYING SAUCER HOUSE: Located in Texas, this sci-fi home is for those who are not comfortable on this planet but still love the earthly amenities.  Every room has a fireplace.  Another idea for a playhouse for the kids in your backyard.


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