Where will it wind up – it now sits on a barge in the Intracoastal Waterway, having been moved from the Palm Beach Country Club grounds.  

Lake Worth’s City Commissioners are considering having the cottage, which housed three generations of the Stambaugh family, moved to the eastern shore of the Lake Worth Lagoon in Old Bridge Park or to a waterfront tract on the south side of the Lake Avenue Bridge.  They have asked owner Joette Stambaugh Keen to give them a phased plan to move the cottage to Lake Worth within 30 days.

Palm Beach’s landmarks consultant for the Town of Palm Beach talked to the Commissioners  about the “life on the lake” theme, showcasing the county’s pioneer families and the ecology of the Lake Worth Lagoon, a former freshwater lake, saying they would like the Children of the county and Lake Worth to see what life was like before air conditioning and computers.  City of Lake Worth would like to find a nonprofit group to develop, staff and maintain the 1500 sq ft property if it is moved to Lake Worth.  Other possible locations include Peanut Island and Yesteryear Village at the South Florida Fairgrounds.

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