Orlando's Lake Lawsona Historic District, which includes about 500 buildings, has homes dating from 1905-1930, the Craftsman Period.  This is one of the oldest neighborhoods in Orlando. Home styles are Mediterranean, Bungalow style, Minimal Traditional and Colonial, Mediterranean, Mission, Neoclassical and Tudor revivals. However, one 3800 sq ft home is brand new.

Planning to remodel the old house that sat on the lot, 6 blocks east of downtown's Lake Eola, a couple who loved the Craftsman style found that it could not be saved, so drew up plans to replace it.  The lot is narrow, but deep.  A 2-car garage is behind the house.  Note that the foyer has the stained glass panel over the front door, a papered ceiling and 1930's style fixture.

Working with two architects from nearby Winter Park, the home includes two large guest suites, master suite, wood-paneled study and spacious, open upstairs.  The front porch is deep and has angled pillars, a gently sloping roof with wide eaves and exposed beams, and a porte-cochere over the driveway.

Inside, artistic stone, tile and stained-glass elements are included.  All fixtures are 1930's style designs.  There are white oak floors.

The large kitchen opens to a coffered ceiling dining room and family room with tiled fireplace.  The back porch, shaded by trees, has a summer kitchen.  

Details were approved by the Orlando Historical Review Board so that this house was in keeping with the neighborhood and style. The panel above which is on the back porch was from the original house.


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Marilyn Farber Jacobs said...

Thank you for your helpful comments, Norma. Much appreciated.