The 15-acre Palm Beach spread, “mountain of sorrows,” includes a French Regency-style main house with 44,000 sq ft. It was constructed with a lead foundation to keep moisture from the ocean out. There is a 16,000 sq ft guest-house, pool, tennis court and orchid greenhouse. Some of his collection of museum-quality impressionist paintings and French empire antiques are displayed. The loggia overlooks the Atlantic Ocean with glass walls that rise from the basement to keep out the rain. This palatial estate, featuring emerald green lawns, verdant hedges and lush flower gardens, is one of the most expensive in the US, up for sale for many years for $75MM. There have been complaints in the media about the amount of water consumption used daily for the estate, and that has been voluntarily reduced by about half by owner Nelson Peltz. He had to stop using his helicopter due to noise complaints by neighbors. Mr. Peltz has a reputation of building value for shareholders of companies he invests in; he is on various boards of large corporations. Note that he was a Wharton School dropout, and not noted in school days for math prowess… but he has earned fortunes over the years… a good example of how hard work can succeed.

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