Built around 1907, the 1800 sq ft “Hunt House,” named after the first residents (renters), was recently moved to the Delray Beach Historical Society and will be holding their archives. It had been close to demolition but in depth research was done to determine its relevance to local history. Families living in and near the small bungalow contributed to the fabric of early Delray. “The stories” of these families will be told in due time. The Society raised funds and received funds from various sources. A pre-cast concrete and steel bunker forms the inner walls of a fire and hurricane-proof archival storage facility, rated to withstand Category 5 hurricane winds. It is attached to Hunt House by a rear hallway, and is 500 sq ft. Temperature, humidity and light are controlled and will be set to museum standards. A permanent generator will be part of a back-up disaster plan. The former living, dining room and porch will be an open space to be used for classrooms, lectures, tours and receptions. There will be an archivist/curator’s office. No completion date has been mentioned.

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